# Cattributes

Each Ninneko has different characteristics from appearance to attributes

# Basic stats

Each Ninneko has basic stats such as:

Heal   Attack   Armor   Speed  

# Cattributes:

Each Ninneko is a special NFT cat made up of a rare mix of cattributes (body parts): mouth, eyes, hair, hand, ears and tail

Mouth   Eyes   Hair   Hand   Ears   Tail  

  • Ninneko's appearance is determined by Cattributes in its genetic code.

  • Catrributes are categorized into 5 classes: Warrior   Mage   Support   Ranger   Assassin  

  • Class of hand (weapon) determines Ninneko's class

  • Each cattribute of Ninnekos gives bonus stats, depends on its class

  • A cattribute can be   WILD  . Wild cattribute gives Ninneko x2 bonus stats

  • Some cattribues are associated with Ninneko's skills

Cattribute Skill
Hand Active Skill
Hair Passive Skill 1
Tail Passive Skill 2
Eyes Passive Skill 3