# Breeding

# Genes

For each cattribute, a Ninneko possesses 3 genes. The primary gene (P), is the visible trait, the remaining two genes (H1, H2) are the Ninneko’s hidden traits.

Genes are either primary or hidden based on their location in the Ninneko’s genome sequence.

Primary gene has a higher chance of getting passed on to a Ninneko's offspring while hidden gene has a lower chance.

The primary genes determine the cat’s appearance. The hidden traits aren’t visible in Ninneko’s appearance but may get inherited by the offspring.

# Breeding

You can randomly select two Ninneko to pair up with. Remember to understand the breeding mechanics before breeding a specific Ninneko.

Ninnekos have a single faction, which is the one from either parent. Thus, it has a 50% chance of inheriting one type or the other. Offspring can’t be born with factions different from its parents’, making faction mutations impossible.

If the parents are of the same faction, their offspring will also be born with that faction.

The probabilities in genetics:

Gene % to pass
P 36%
H1 10%
H2 4%

By breaking down a Ninneko’s genetic code, it’s possible to predict the probabilities when breeding 2 Ninneko using Breeding Simulator

# Breeding fee

Each Ninneko can be bred a maximum of 6 times. Breeding a Ninneko costs 150 NINO and some MATA, depending on how many times the Ninneko have been bred.

Breed MATA cost Per Ninneko
0 12500
1 18000
2 24500
3 32000
4 40500
5 60500

# For example:

Breeding Ninneko A (0 breed) and Ninneko B (1 breed) will cost you:

12500 + 18000 = 30500 MATA and 150 NINO

# For example:

Breeding Ninneko A (alpha) and Ninneko B (1 breed) will cost you:

0 + 18000 = 18000 MATA and 150 NINO