# Wallets

# Developer Wallet/Account

For testing purpose, we are using a real account on Market and in Game with Account ID = 1, wallet

You might notice that we use this account to breed, transfer or even sell Ninnekos. Don't worry, all the cats will be sent back to this wallet when the test is done.

# Marketing Wallet

Marketing Wallet is used to distribute NINO token to players (in AirDrop Events) and marketing partners

NINO tokens used for Marketing come from Box Selling Events and Community Treasury

At first, we used wallet

which holds NINO from Sapphire Box Event to distribute NINO for AirDrop Events

From February 10th, 2022 token will be transferred to marketing wallet

before distributing

# Buyback Wallet

50% marketplace fee will be used for buying back/adding liquidity NINO/MATA token. All transaction ids will be announced on our social channels

# Staking Fund Wallet

# Game Incentives Wallet