# Token Metric

Our token distribution is adopting the distribution model of Fair Launch and sharing one main goal: to allow all our beloved participants to buy NINO token with the same price in private sale and IDO.

Total supply of NINO is 200,000,000. The initial circulating supply is set to 15,000,000 NINO - 7.5% of the total supply.

Name NINO % TGE unlock Vesting
Advisors & Strategies 20,000,000 10% - 6 months cliff, then linearly over 10 months
Team 30,000,000 15% - 12 months cliff, then linearly over 10 months
Private sale 70,000,000 35% 5% linear daily vesting in 11 months
IDO sale 30,000,000 15% 5% linear vesting in 10 months
Liquidity 10,000,000 5% 100%
Game incentives 40,000,000 20% - After game launch on Mainnet
Total supply 200,000,000 100%

# Buy back mechanism

When you trade at Market, a 5% marketplace fee is taken from the seller (not the buyer). If you sell a Ninneko for 10 BNB, you will only receive USD 9.5BNB for it.

50% marketplace fee will be used for buying back/adding liquidity NINO/MATA token. All transaction ids will be announced on our social channels

Buyback Fund

50% marketplace fee will be used for ecosystem development

# Token and Liquidity Locking

# Liquidity

Ninneko Liquidity is locked at team.finance

🔗 Locked time: 1 year, Pair: $NINO/BUSD

# Team & Advisors

Tokens of Team & Advisors are also locked at team.finance

🔗 Locked time: 6 months, Token: $NINO

# Private and IDO Sale

Tokens of Private and IDO Sale are in vesting process and locked in a Multisig Contract

The contract requires both we and Launch Zone (Ninneko's LaunchPad) review and agree on an action on the blockchain before the action is executed.

# Game Incentives

Game Incentives tokens are used to reward players for both in-game and out-game activities:

  • Participating in Events
  • Winning tournaments
  • Testing new features
  • Being active in game community

Tokens of Game Incentives are also locked in Multisig Contract above, and will be transfered to our wallet when the game launchs