# NINO Token

Ninneko Token (NINO) is a BEP-20 utility/governance token for the Ninneko Game.

Contract Address: 0x6CAD12b3618a3C7ef1FEb6C91FdC3251f58c2a90

Audit report by Verichains

Ninneko Token
Ninneko Token

# An utility token

The goal of introducing NINO token is to provide a convenient mode of payment and settlement between participants who interact within the ecosystem of Ninneko Game. Players use NINO Token to pay for Ninneko breeding fee

Whereas MATA has an unlimited supply, NINO is limited to a maximal supply of 200 million. The spent MATA is burned, but NINO is reallocated to the Community Treasury.

  • 50% NINO in Community Treasury will be added to

    Staking Fund

  • 30% NINO in Community Treasury will be added to

    Game Incentives Fund

  • 20% NINO in Community Treasury will be added to

    Marketing Fund

# A governance token

To promote decentralised community governance for the game, NINO tokens allow holders to propose and vote on governance proposals to determine features and/or parameters of Ninneko Game.

Users which have participated in submission of proposals, voting will be entitled to receive NINO token governance rewards.

graph LR
    A[NINO holder] -->|vote| B[Governance System]
    B --> |change| C[ Game System]
    C --> |reward| A
    C -->|Ninnekos, Items| D(Players)
    D -->|NINO| C